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Starnik Platform

Metered & Sub-Metered Billing

Bill out metered or sub-metered usage with any type of rate structure. Comprehensive and accurate billing methodologies that are unparalleled in the industry! Perform budget billing, combine RUBS and metered usage for utility billing.  Auto pay, budget utility billing and much more…..

Service Orders & Customer Billing

Starnik Service Order System truly represents a paradigm shift for the Utility Industry, providing one easy way to manage all the field service functions in real time. Also enables accurate invoicing of your customers for time and material.

Customer Portal

Online access including mobile devices to customer accounts 24/7 . Your customers will view instant transaction updates, usage graphs, .PDF bills, enable e-bills/paper bills, set away-dates, pay online and more…


Automated system generated e-Bills reduce your operational costs by eliminating postage and increases your ROI. If you wish you may enable both e-bills and paper bills.

Mobile Work Order Management

Designed specifically for tablet computers and mobile devices that lets your field service team interact directly with office personnel in real-time. Bill your customers instantly for time and material.

Online Bill Pay

Pay anytime, anywhere with multiple payment options by utilizing our PCI compliant web portal. Setup Auto Pay, E-checks. All Customer transactions are updated instantly in the  Starnik CIS.

Speedy Implementation

We implement accurately in record time that none in the industry can challenge. You’ll be blown away, we promise.

Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS)

Starnik provides the most comprehensive array of utility usage allocation methodologies to residents!  Starnik pioneered bringing software to the sub-metered and RUBS billing industry!

Water Billing

Automated and highly flexible Starnik methodologies make Water billing very simple. Completely automated delinquency management is unique. This eliminates enormous amount of time the CSRs spend in delinquency management in other software solutions.

Electric Billing

Starnik allows you to bill by complex tier rates, including time of use etc. Starnik’s CIS is used for some of the most complex electricity billing in New York and California.

HOA & Multifamily Resident Billing

Starnik has successfully provided the most flexible and comprehensive solutions to the Multifamily Industry for over 17 years. Ask our customers about us!  Review their testimonials!!

Sewer Billing

Sewer Billing

Starnik allows sewer billing based on numerous methodologies. Bill sewer based on water consumption, winter average methodology etc.

Meter Data Management

Automate the entire process of saving consumption data, analyzing it, and billing your customers. Readings are brought in automatically from any meter reading platforms such as smart meters or standard metering systems, and are made available instantly for billing.

& Much, Much, More

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Check us out and ask for a demo You will be blown away, we promise.

Strategic Innovation

We at Starnik are continuously curious and good listeners.  We listened to our customers, understood their problems and built our software technology on their feedback – and we still do!  Our engineers are the crème de la crème in their field and highly innovative.  We upgrade our system weekly without interrupting our customer’s routine work. All our customers are on the same and latest version. Also, they don’t get a bill for upgrades!


We’re building tomorrow’s technology, today. Listen to what our customers have to say.


If you’re considering Starnik or just want more information, we’re here to help.

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