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Our Promise

We are on a mission to make utility operations effortless.

With over two decades of industry expertise and billions of dollars transacted annually on our platform, prepare to be amazed by how our cloud-based utility billing software can elevate your organization’s efficiency and performance to unprecedented levels!


“The implementation team was absolutely phenomenal and was able to perform against a very tight deadline. We couldn’t believe how easy they made the process for me and my team and are so grateful we chose Starnik as our new billing software provider. Thank you Starnik for a seamless transition.”

-Liliana Montes, Senior Management Analyst, Finance Department, City of Vista, CA.

“The billing process is so much more efficient that our billing manager has also been able to take on new responsibilities.”

-John McDonald, CEO, Integra Water

“We selected Starnik in 2016 to be our workforce management and utility billing software solution because they were so much further along than the competition. We’ve stayed with Starnik over the years because of their incredible support and value as a critical innovation partner. Anyone unhappy with their current utility billing system should give Starnik a look.”

-Nathan White, President/Owner TOPS Water

Our Software

Discover what sets us apart from anything you’ve encountered before

Enhanced suite of solutions:

Billing Solutions, CIS, metering, payments, BI, and beyond. Our full suite offers end-to-end utility management solutions tailored to your business needs and industry standards.

Fits Right in with Your Existing Processes

Our utility billing solution seamlessly adapts to your business’s unique processes, eliminating the need for any changes on your end.

Cloud Based -SaaS

Access Starnik’s utility billing software anywhere, at any time. In the office, at home, or on-the-go you’re always connected and is an All-In-One solution.

Ultimate Security

Encrypted backups every 15 minutes. Multiple server and data redundancy. Bank-level encryption. PCI-DSS level-1 certified.


We take pride in our unbeatable system stability. Over the last 2 decades we have had 99.99% uptime on our cloud-based system.

Free Unlimited Support

Benefit from free, unlimited support—no strings attached. Call us anytime; we’re here to help, gladly.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Rest assured, our calculations are consistently accurate, thanks to AI. Say goodbye to billing errors with our reliable system, which has saved significant sums of money for our customers

All-In-One Utility Management Software

Streamline your municipal billing operations with Starnik’s All-In-One Software. Bid farewell to cluttered paperwork, multiple user accounts, and complex integrations. Say hello to the ultimate utility management solution that handles it all seamlessly

Business Intelligence & Analytics

We discover and provide data-driven insight into your business to cut costs, improve your processes, and streamline your operation. Trending, forecasting, rate-modeling, and real-time data analytics.

Rapid Implementation

We’ve dedicated years to refining techniques for swiftly transitioning your business to our utility management solution. Our Auto-bots automate tasks, reducing manual workloads significantly.

Data Saved Forever

We securely store and provide access to historical data. Need to review a report from 20 years ago? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Tailored Reporting Flexibility

Empower yourself with complete control over customized data analytics. Manipulate the data however you see fit, shaping insights to your exact specifications.

Enhanced User Control

Refine access and permissions for every employee in your organization with meticulous detail, ensuring tailored customization to suit your specific needs.

Explore Further

What you’ve seen is just the beginning. Check out the plethora of features our utility management solution offers for your industry here. Get ready to be amazed – we guarantee it.

Our Customers

No matter what industry, we offer a tailored utility billing software solution to meet your needs.

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