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StarnikPay - Real-time Payment Solutions


StarnikPay does not require third party integration or external portals to process payments. The Starnik does it all.

We’ve developed StarnikPay seamlessly into our Customer portal. Payments are reflected immediately throughout the system and across all departments. There’s no need to share data, so data integrity issues are no longer a concern. Starnik is PCI DSS Level 1 certified and processed directly through the JPMorgan Chase Paymentech service. If you need us to integrate with third party payment providers, we can do that as well. We handle over $4 Billion dollars and over 6 million transactions every year on our platform.

Whether payments are received by the online portal, cashiering station, or our built-in IVR phone system, you’ll see real-time reporting and receipt across the platform. There are no additional steps and we have robust automations to manage exceptions.

Payment types include credit cards, debit cards, e-check, ACH, and features such as AutoPay, FastPay, and GuestPay. We’re adding more options every day, so check-in with your Sales Rep or request a demo above for more information.

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