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CIS - Billing Implementation

Fast and Accurate

Our goal is to provide an effortless transition onto the Starnik platform. Trademark to Starnik is our ability to convey full functionality of our platform in weeks to months.
Our proprietary tooling ensures only clean data enters the system, effectively scrubbing and cleaning old data well before data integrity issues can take footing. Our tooling can import vast amounts of data instantly, and we utilize sophisticated processes that eliminates the need for lengthy UAT and SIT processes.

Your organization benefits that we self-perform implementations. We build trusting relationships with your team from the first few discovery calls, to long after your staff is trained and using our system. We work with you to understand your processes and pain points, and transfer all the best parts of your business into our system while removing those that no longer fit your mission goals.

We’ve successfully managed complex implementations involving multiple service types like water, electric, natural gas, as well as renewable energy. In fact, Starnik has become the “Rescuer of Choice” for customers who have failed implementations with software products!

Implementation – Fast and Accurate

We know that implementing a new system is not easy so rest-assured that we have tailored our solution to assist your team from start to finish. Your organization will benefit from the facts that we perform our own  implementations and the strong link we build with your team.

We’ll work with you to understand your current processes and pain points, then transfer all the best parts into our system. Starnik has the experience and expertise to organize and manage the project effectively and efficiently.

From the initial implementation phases to long after implementation has been completed, our team will be available. Our goal is to create an almost effortless transition onto the Starnik platform.

Our Project Team provides a full range of services designed to help you get the most out of our product. Starnik’s implementation process demonstrates our long-term dedication to our clients.

We focused on implementation and developed a modular, customizable process for bringing in legacy data quickly and efficiently. We can bring in historical data from just plain text or .CSV files by mapping them and importing them into our system within minutes, without any necessary programming.  We verify the accuracy of implementation by running parallel billings in our system and have our engineers run unit tests to compare the print files of invoices to print files from legacy systems.

We’ve spent years perfecting methods to rapidly transition your business to our utility billing software. We’re excited to have you on board.

What Our Customers Say

“Generally, when users are searching for a new computer software system they want flexibility, reliability and a relatively smooth and quick implementation. The Starnik UtilityTrakR utility billing system fulfills all of these and more. Starnik support staff converted all data files and performed some unanticipated data cleanup in a matter of days.

Even after the system was in full operation for over a year the City suddenly announced that significant upgrades to banking, meter reading and interfaces with financial and other system functions were going to be necessary. Moreover, these changes were to be made as soon as possible. The flexibility factor once again proved to be no problem for Starnik including non-system processes.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the Starnik relationship was the implementation time for the UtilityTrakR System. The entire system was operational within a month. That included a conversion from the old (1995) non-windows based system and extensive cleanup and re-entry of antiquated meter reading systems. In addition, bar code scanners, online bill payment and automated work orders were added in that timeframe. The System comes with a broad array of reports that can be modified quickly and easily if necessary.

The UtilityTrakR System provides the client with a robust functionality that is easy to use and not found in many of the more expensive systems.”

– John in California

“We just finished our second billing cycle and I am so totally impressed. What used to take me 3 to 4 days, took me under 2 and I’m heading to the post office with the bills today… 2 days before the holiday weekend.

Not only is this system easy to use, the staff are so well versed, the conversion on this product from our old system took one week and we were live and running. The staff assigned to you will walk you through every step and still be there if you have questions. The report module is very impressive on its own, but the staff helped us write a couple of new reports just today to submit to our Board of Directors. We never had the capability to take payments online, but we just went live with that today too, and had our first credit card payment delivered to our in box. I think I’ve found the ruby slippers. I will toot this horn for a long time as the (uh OH) overwhelming feeling during the billing time is gone. Really am impressed.

We are not big, some have water service, some are unassigned taps and some are assigned taps, but to cut the billing in half was impressive. I keep telling my boss I may have to dig out those old put away projects and start working on them thanks to UtilityTrakR. I might be able to get some other things done. We submitted a copy of the invoice with bullet points today to our customers explaining the finer points of the Invoice and also gave them instruction on how to set up their online account. We had a couple of customers that want e-bills only, they set that up themselves, and at midnight after the bills were locked, the email went out.

I cannot tell you much more except this is one dynamite product.”

– S.F. in Colorado

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