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Energy Management & Audit Software

Energy Management and Audit is a flourishing industry, that until recently, was completely manual. Task recording, organizing, auditing, and the exporting of utility values to an accounting or property management software can be challenging without the aid of an efficient system facilitation.

Upon the need for an easy-to-use, cloud based solution for energy bill management, our team created EnergyAuditR. Designed for extreme flexibility while retaining it’s ease of use for data entry, EnergyAuditR stands alone as a comprehensive, cloud-based solution for the entry and audit of utility bill data. Take a look at many of the features below that set EnergyAuditR apart in the industry:

  • Quick and Efficient Data Entry attached electronic statement images with the added ability to audit costs and usages across entire portfolios, distribute costs to resident invoices, and export to accounting and property management software, all within a few simple clicks.
  • Utilize split screen view to associate an electronic image of the invoice to your data entry, and easily reference all invoice information at a glance.
  • Access for on-site managers to view and upload invoice images quickly and easily, or turn any uploaded image into a new invoice entry in seconds
  • Generate detailed reports in real time to track which bills have been entered and which are missing, bill value comparisons to prior months by amount and percentage variance, due dates, charge type and usage values per unit/occupant/square-foot, location, account, vendor, and endless other combinations for comparing data metrics.
  • Capture all necessary information with user-defined entry fields for previous balances, late charges, payments, current charges, invoice/due/service dates, metering dates and consumptions, rate data, and so much more…

No more juggling excel sheets or working with outdated systems that have to be updated for each new customer request – experience a truly flexible system in EnergyAuditR. These features can be combined with our companion billing and collections program, UtilityTrakR, to provide a full suite of energy management and billing services to your clients.

EnergyAuditR represents a true shift in the way energy management is handled. We invite you to experience our energy management software solutions for yourself – simply fill out the form below and we’ll contact you for a live demonstration of the system.

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