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HI, We're Starnik Cloud CIS and Billing Solutions

We are on a mission
to make utility operations effortless

We're focused on creating and delivering the best Cloud CIS and Billing Solutions for the utility industry

Starnik is focused on bringing the best in technology to the utility management industry.  Founded in 2000, Starnik was the first to introduce cloud based software solutions to the utility management organizations in the US. Starnik also introduced the concept of all-in one software solution enabling a single source of truth, which reduces the need for integrations and data lag across departments.  Our cloud based software provides you with CIS, Billing, Field Service-Work Order Management, MDM for AMI, Mass Communications, Asset & Inventory Management, Energy Audit and much more. Our system is used by multiple industries on three continents.  We are dedicated to understanding our customers’ needs and passionate about developing simple intuitive products that really work.  We provide a full-service solution tailored to you in a very quick and cost effective manner, so you can focus on your core business.

Why We Exist

We saw there was a problem, and spent the last 20 years perfecting the solution

From our CEO’s desk.

We are passionate about building software solutions that are simple and intuitive. We looked at the utility industry and could not understand why separate databases and software systems were necessary for utility operations such as metering, billing, customer care, financial transactions, field services, asset management, inventory management, meter data management, online payments, customer portal, public or mass communications etc. The integrations between each system is often the point of failure. We saw an area we could disrupt. So in 2003 we came up with a Cloud based comprehensive single database (software) that incorporated all the information necessary for utilities to function in real time: meter data, billing data, payment information, customer information, work orders, electronic bill presentment & payment (EBPP) and more in one single software, a true meter to cash solution in real time. Starnik was essentially the first to provide solutions on the Cloud in the USA. This allowed relevant information to be presented to all users in a meaningful way in real-time.

We also identified a major problem in the industry…………upgrading the software, a painful, time consuming, expensive and outdated approach. So we disrupted that process by modern technology where the customer will always be on the latest version and never have to pay for the upgrades and without impacting their operations. Our customers never have to pay for upgrades or improvements to the system. So very early in our company’s history we made a decision to offer the latest version of our products to everyone. So when you come on board with us, you are guaranteed to be on the most advanced version, and it will be a fully tested configuration that is being used by a large user-base, not something that we are beta testing with you.

The third major problem we identified was that the customers (utilities) having to request software development changes frequently to adapt to new business conditions. This is a major headache, which is an expensive and time consuming for the businesses. So Starnik developed a technically advanced front-end configurable system where the customers themselves can make almost all changes as their businesses evolve. This takes years and considerable combined intelligence to develop a system that is font-end configurable for most changes the businesses anticipate. This enabled us to be a rescue team for businesses that experienced failed implementations and limited technology of traditional software vendors. Our goal and promise is to continue innovation and provide effective and meaningful solutions in all aspects of this industry. If your business is complex, Starnik is THE solution. Thank you.

Balu Viswanathan
CEO. Starnik Systems Inc.

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