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Built-In Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Our complete Meter-to-Cash solution also includes a real-time IVR. We include customizable default scripting and a variety of voices.

Your customers have 24/7 telephone access to account balances and payment processing. They can even drop into your customer service queue if needed.

We offer rapid and convenient payment processing, immediately available for view and reporting in the CIS and the customer portal in real time. Payment details made in the IVR also show on transaction logs and report tables. If an IVR payment fails, there are automations and user-friendly responses to help catch and redirect callers.

You will not need third party vendors or their off the system IVR solutions. Starnik does it all. We have built it in to our CIS solution. This avoids integrations and points of failure. Implementing Starnik IVR reduces manual phone payments.

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