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Our Asset Management suite offers endless customization and usability. Inside you’ll find vast green fields to easily search and report in real-time, and categorize as specific or broad as you need.

For Inventory Management, your truck can be your warehouse and you can inventory from anywhere. We offer robust and customizable warehouse configurations to store your inventory items. Your team will consider our system part of their tool bag with easy transferability between warehouses.

Store categorized information for each asset, track its lifecycle, and easily initiate or schedule service orders. Set schedules and recurring maintenance tasks in your system. Create Purchase Orders on-the-fly and add inventory any time. Receiving Orders and Work Orders are also easily managed in the system. You can search and report in real-time, and Client Billing gets that much easier when used with our core CIS system.

With real-time reporting and cost breakdowns, your strategic capital planning goals are within well reach. Track and manage all equipment, plants, and facilities, and just as easily bill services using our class leading client billing capabilities when subscribed to our core CIS. All from a single easy-to-use platform.

On mobile devices, enjoy easy hyperlinking to important data, helpful user manuals, and GPS coordinates to physically locate assets on a map.

Starnik requires no integrations and operates in real-time. We’ve overbuilt the system to be utility grade and very robust. This combined with our CIS platform creates a trusted Single-Source-of-Truth platform.

Our solution has full mobile capabilities that enhance the communications link between the field and office. Managers and field service workers can assign, perform, and record activities, and create or modify work orders anytime, anywhere, from almost any device.

We offer a flexible and scalable enterprise platform that allows you to get the most from your fleet.

  • Store an unlimited number of assets.
  • Track the major components and assets within a facility, categorized by type.
  • Create one-off or recurring work orders against specific components for both preventative and reactive maintenance, including purchase orders for parts and inventory.
  • Offset repair costs by identifying problems before interrupting operations.
  • Monitor repair and maintenance costs.
  • Expected Life Calculations help make informed repair vs. replace decisions.
  • Document individual assets with photo, videos, and uploaded document data.
  • Retain and archive historical records.
  • Filter inventory items effortlessly for less time reconciling against long lists.
  • Updated in real time. Purchase and receiving orders are ready to view as soon as you create them, using far less paper if any.
  • Intuitive and interactive design. Create receiving orders directly from the purchase order. Transfer items easily.
  • Activity logging and seamless integration with the Starnik CIS system. You can complete most workflows all in one place.

We listened to industry concerns about inventory tracking. Extensively collaborating with our customers, we developed a strong platform and introduced our very own trademark database design techniques.

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