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Built-In Customer Mass Communications

Text - Email - Voice (Auto Dialer) - Letter Generator

You can easily configure texts, emails, and outbound voice messages, all-while reducing service and handling costs. Keep records of all communications you sent to customers and if the messages were received successfully. You can send one, some, or all customers any message at any time. You can choose one or combinations of communication tools for each message. System can send out automated delinquent voice messages which tremendously reduces customer calls to your office.

Mass communications is part of Starnik’s platform. You will not need third party vendors or their customer communication tools. In fact, having too many disparate systems operating with manual imports or through integrations have many failure points. Starnik does it all and the communications module is part of our CIS-billing system and so access the same data sets. Starnik’s mission critical technology provides real-time customer communications.

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