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Real-Time Customer Engagement Portal

Starnik’s Customer Engagement Portal is a seamless part of our system. Payments are reflected immediately throughout the system without third-party integrations.

You can setup customizable dash boards to provide relevant information such as outage maps, boil water notification and a variety of other options to customers. The real-time solution improves customer satisfaction and greatly reduces the number of calls.

Notable customer interactions with the portal include;

  • View all transactions in real-time, including an entire history of transactions with historical pdf invoices.
  • Set up AutoPay, FastPay, paper bills, e-Bills, or paper plus e-bills.
  • Set up consumption notifications.
  • Make payments using credit cards, debit cards, e-checks.
  • View real-time automated meter usage in graphical format.
  • Connect, view, and make payments to multiple accounts.
  • Communicate with the Utility provider.
  • Make account changes such as e-mail, billing address, phone number in real-time.
  • Request service through customizable categories
  • Setup away dates.
  • View important notifications from the Utility provider.
  • Enable all or some of the listed options to customers
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