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Automated E-billing Solutions

eBilling is part of Starnik’s suite of products.  Let Starnik’s system take care of this for you.

With ZERO effort by your staff, eBilling is fully automated in Starnik’s solution.  When a billing is locked, the eBills are automatically sent and removed from the print batch – it really is that simple!

Go green! And reduce your operational costs by eliminating postage and increase your ROI. You are in full control, you decide if you offer either eBills or paper bills, or both!

The eBill campaign feature helps increase eBill enrollment. Send a mass email to those who have not signed up to market the functionality.

The system helps you enroll your customers in ebilling with a popup feature on the online customer engagement portal, popping up for those customers who are not signed up to remind them to do so today!

You choose eBill notification only or PDF invoice attachment.

Ability to assign a fee for paper billing

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