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Auto-Bots - Automated Utility Management (AI)

Starnik stands in a league of their own delivering next generation AI and automations that reduce time-consuming system interventions that press staff resources. Auto-bots are up all the time and working for you.

Employing Starnik’s Auto-bots you can automate a number of different routine operations such as billing, delinquency management actions, report generation, and pulling in information from an FTP site (meter readings, usage, etc.), sending bills to print vendors, receiving payment files, bringing in meter reads can all be handled by the Auto-bots. Come meet the new modern utility management solution that does it all for you! You choose what automations you need, and our Auto-bot team will do the rest. They can run on demand or be set to customized schedules, even run automatically on trigger-based events.

Of course, all Auto-bot actions are logged, with details. You can pull detailed logs at any time to revel at its exceptional real-time management capabilities. Let Starnik’s next generation technology do the work for you.

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