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Meter Data Management Solutions (MDM)

Advanced Meter Infrastructure Solutions (AMI)

Starnik’s Meter Data Management is a paradigm shift in consumption data management, empowering all users of utility data. We were built for automations and AMI and MDM completes the circle.

We set the bar high for Meter-to-Cash systems on the market, as our real-time system can even help your behind-the-meter strategies become possible. We’ve automated processing of consumption data down to billing your customers with graphic interfaces. Readings are instantly available for billing, and require virtually no imports or manual entry. Our CIS system eliminates an entire host of problems associated with moving data.

We work in real-time with almost any smart meter reading platform. Our (CIS) billing solution UtilityTrakR automatically recognizes data, validates and bills. Not surprisingly, the interconnection to our workforce, inventory, and asset management systems make this an even more prolific tool. Field technicians receive instant data access via mobile devices, linked in real time to your functional departments. CSRs can view the meter reading history from MDM directly from the customer account.

You’ll even find your team focusing on Go Green strategies, reducing field service trips, and eliminating paper processes. Starnik’s unique technology guides good business practices and operations run more efficiently with less overhead and outdated tasks.

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