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Innovation Never Stops at Starnik... We're at the Forefront.

On the Cloud since 2003! No server maintenance for you!

Starnik pioneered and became the first to introduce Cloud based CIS-Utility Billing and Management solutions to the utility industry in the United States. This enabled the customers to access the system from anywhere in the world using basic computers and smart phones. Many organizations started work from home in 2003, way before COVID ever arrived on our shores!  No need for you to purchase, upgrade, maintain or secure any servers. Starnik does all of it for you and we have 18 years of history to back it up. This provides you peace of mind and a way to eliminate avoidable expenses to your organization. Obviously premise based systems are way behind in technology. Encrypted backups every 15 minutes and multiple server and data redundancy are standard.  All browser based systems are not actually true cloud based solutions.

Always be on the latest version.

Don’t let your software vendor present you with an invoice for an upgrade!  That is indeed totally outdated technology practices. With Starnik, you will always be on the latest version with incremental upgrades consistent with current trends and at no cost to you! If a vendor tells you that you need to upgrade your system, they are already behind in times.  Consider Starnik, for real.

PCI DSS Level 1 Certified

PCI Level 1 is reserved for merchants who process over 6 million transactions a year. Achieving PCI Level 1 requires a dedicated team to maintain intensive vulnerability management programs and strong access controls to maintain a level of security that your customers can trust. We believe that not just the third party payment processers but the utility billing software vendors must also be certified.

Single source of truth!

Key functionalities all-in one database and minimize the need for integrations

It is daunting and expensive to purchase and maintain multiple databases (software systems) for your basic business operations such as CIS, billing, meter data management, payments, customer care, transactions, cashiering, asset and inventory management, document management, mass communications, field service work orders etc.  Integrations between them often fail causing expensive maintenance and phone calls.  Data latency between the systems ultimately results in customer dissatisfaction and increases the cost of operations.  Why should an organization use numerous software systems to accomplish basic businesses processes? Starnik asked the same question more than a decade ago and developed a single comprehensive platform that incorporates all of the key information needed for utilities to function in real time, with minimal or no integrations and a single source of truth emerged. The data across all departments are in real time with no delays. Many vendors claim that they have all-in one but they are actually multiple software systems loosely integrated with multiple points of failure.

The system is capable of handling millions of transactions in real time without degradation of performance or data loss.  Relevant information is presented to all users from a single source of truth across departments.  The entire system is organically developed with minimal to no third party integrations. This means data is always reliable and presented in real time. For example, when a customer pays on the web portal, intelligent analytics are updated real time, the customer portal shows current balance, and field service technicians can view payment status via their mobile devices instantly if preferred.

However, if you need us to integrate with other systems like Financial Systems, we have sophisticated and customizable interfaces that can be turned on quickly. So we have it all for you….

Starnik is big on automations (AI)...

We automate anything that machines can and should perform to reduce human error and improve efficiency.  Currently our system automates billing and delinquency processes among many other routine processes.  We envision most of the utility management will be automated in just a few years and eliminate points of failure and significantly reduce the cost of operations.   We are passionate about such innovations which makes it very exciting for all!

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