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Field Service Portal

If you are a Municipal Utility District (MUD), Water District, Electric Co-op, City Government, Property Management Company, Utility, or any entity that employs field service technicians, you cannot afford to ignore mobile workforce management technology from Starnik.  Welcome to the 21st Century!

Real time updating wherever you are

Efficient communication between Customer Service Management team and Field Service technicians is vital for successful customer care and Client Billing.  Let’s face it – gone are the days when communication was solely done through paper, emails, and by phone.

Here at Starnik, we recognize that mobile workforce management is a critical part of operations; you need software that fully integrates customer care and field service all-in-one utility management solution. The field service technicians must be able to access the service orders on their mobile devices instantly and in real-time. They must be able to perform their tasks, document time, and track work performed, and this information must be available to the customer service team instantly. When service technicians complete their tasks the billing personnel must be able to create client bills.

Starnik realizes that this is your minimum basic requirement.

Our client billing solution allows users to add and edit work order items and their associated costs in order to bill clients for work performed in the field.  Users have the ability to search, print, and create new or reoccurring work orders.

One integrated system for seamless communication

Our Field Service Portal truly represents a paradigm shift for the Industry, providing one easy way to manage all the functions of a Utility Department:

  • Real-time communication between field service technicians and customer service management team
  • Know the work status and hours clocked for each service/work order in real-time
  • Electronic work orders eliminate the hassles, inefficiencies, and high cost of paper processing
  • Record inspections and documentation electronically
  • Review service orders as they are entered into the system
  • Manage workflow by creating daily schedules based on defined priorities
  • Compatible with iPads and most tablets
  • GPS mapping allows you to locate work sites easily so that you can decrease travel time and increase productivity
  • Ability to collect meter readings on site and have them available in the office instantly
  • Upload images, review work orders, create reoccurring work orders
  • Automate the client billing solutions for the work done in the field

We invite you to take a look at our extended feature list, or better yet, allow us the opportunity to show you a live demonstration of the system so you can see the difference for yourself.


We’re building tomorrow’s technology, today. Listen to what our customers have to say.


If you’re considering Starnik or just want more information, we’re here to help.

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