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Meter Data Management (MDM)

Starnik’s meter data management is a paradigm shift in utility consumption data management.  It provides you the power to analyze the consumption data to your advantage like never before!  Automate the entire process of saving the consumption data, analyzing it, and billing your customers.  The readings are made available instantly for billing.  You will never have to manually enter or import reading data into the utility billing software (CIS), which eliminates a whole host of problems associated with such manual processes.

Readings can be brought automatically from any meter reading platforms such as smart meters or standard metering systems. Our (CIS) billing solution UtilityTrakR automatically recognizes the data necessary for billing, validates the data and estimates the readings if required. Create meter or non-meter related service orders online which are made available instantly on Mobile Field Service devices to your Field Service Technicians in the field.  Real time communication between customer Service Representatives and the Field Service Technicians eliminates the need for paper service orders and makes the entire operations efficient like never before. Ask us for a demonstration, you will be glad you did!


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