Utility Providers & Cities

Let’s face it - the responsibilities of Utility Billing & Management for an entire Municipality, City, or Utility District can be daunting. Here at Starnik, we recognize that whether it’s Customer Service, Billing, Payments, Collections, Cashiering, Reporting, Meter Management, or even Field Service; you need software that provides both accuracy and efficiency. We understand the needless stresses of drowning in paper copies as well as understand the hazards of juggling multiple software systems.  It was through our desire to simplify operations while retaining precise processes that we developed UtilityTrakR.

UtilityTrakR truly represents a paradigm shift for the Industry, providing one easy way to manage all the functions of a Utility Department:

  • Powerful Billing Engine with extensive options for charge and invoice customization
  • Complete Meter Management and Work Order system with real-time mobile field service portal
  • Automated Collections process tailored to your delinquency events, each with endless options for notices, fees, deposit increases, and more
  • Easy-to-Use CSR interfaces optimized for quick and accurate data entry & retrieval
  • Extensive Reports Portal with many options for customization and user assignment
  • Customer Portal with options for e-Billing, Online Payments, ACH, Balance History, PDF Invoice Retrieval, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP), SMS to Customers and more
  • Flexible system with the ability to interface with many other external solutions – IVR, Accounting Software, Meter Reading/Handheld systems, and much more

With UtilityTrakR, all of these system resources are located in a single, extremely secure cloud-based system. No more juggling systems – no more stacks of data hard copies lying around – just one unified utility billing software solution with real time updates for everything. Missing a meter reading from a billing process? Create a work order that is immediately available to technicians in the field on an iPad or Android tablet. Looking for an up to date account balance? No problem – the second a Customer pays online, all of our reports and pages reflect that balance in Real-Time. The moment charges are posted, they’re available for your Customers to view on the web instantly. It’s that simple.

UtilityTrakR represents the future of Utility Billing Software (CIS) – how it should work, and how it can work.

We invite you to click below and allow us the opportunity to show you a live demonstration of the system so you can see the difference for yourself.