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Cities & Utility Providers

(Electric, Gas, Water, Wastewater, Trash, or Any type of charge)

The responsibilities of utility billing for an entire municipality, city or utility district can be daunting. At Starnik, we recognized the need for software that combines every aspect of utility billing into one easy to use system. Powered by advanced modern technology, we offer UtilityTrakR, a single platform that combines billing, customer service, payments, collections, reporting, meter management, workforce management and more in real time. Our software gives you every tool you need to get the job done quickly and accurately, but we don’t stop there: we back our products with unlimited customer support and frequent program enhancements, free of charge to our customers. Don’t just take our word for it, let us show you how Starnik’s UtilityTrakR can help your organization:

Our Utility Billing Software at a Glance

Customer Portal

Our customer portal will dramatically reduce the work load of your customer support office by giving customers self-help access to .PDF bills, usage graphs, online payments & much more.

Real Time Payments

Payments instantly post to the customer account, helping prevent unnecessary shut-offs. Our mobile friendly online customer portal allows credit card and eCheck payments via desktop or mobile device.

Mobile Work Force Management

Designed specifically for tablet computers and mobile devices that lets your field service team interact directly with office personnel in real-time. Bill your customers instantly for time and material.

  • Powerful Billing Engine with extensive options for charge and invoice customization. Run through each billing cycle quickly and accurately.
  • Complete Meter Data Management that integrates with smart meters and standard meters from any manufacturer.
  • Automated Collections processes tailored to your delinquency regulations, with endless options for notices, fees, deposit increases, and more.
  • Easy-to-Use CSR interfaces optimized for quick and accurate data entry & retrieval.
  • Extensive Reports Portal with many options for customization and user assignment.
  • Unlimited Support via phone and email. We love talking to our customers!
  • Frequent Updates. We are constantly listening to our customers and improving our software.
  • Endless Integrations with the ability to interface with many other external solutions – IVR, Accounting Software, Meter Reading/Handheld systems, and much more.

More Utility Billing Software Features

Metered & Sub-Metered Billing

Bill out metered or sub-metered usage with any type of rate structure. Comprehensive and accurate billing methodologies that are unparalleled in the industry!

Meter Data Management

Real time integration with any AMI/AMR system or smart meter system allows readings to be brought into Starnik automatically for billing without any manual intervention.

Energy Management & Audit

Distribute energy costs to resident invoices and export to account and property management software, all with a few clicks.

Mass Notifications

Send mass email or text notifications to your customers and residents. Great for community alerts, local notifications, outages & more.


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