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5 Reasons to Choose Cloud Based Utility Billing Software

Choosing new utility billing software can be a huge headache. This guide is meant to help you understand the benefits of choosing cloud based utility billing software over traditional, on-premise hosted solutions.

Cost Benefits

Cloud based utility billing software has a much smaller upfront investment cost when compared to on-site hosted solutions. Lower cost means and improved bottom line for the purchasing organization, and less total risk in implementing a new program.

The subscription pricing model of cloud based software insures predictable cost projection over time. On-site solutions often tack on additional charges for system updates, upgrades, customer support and other ‘extra’ factors, but cloud software providers often bundle these into the subscription price.

With cloud based software no hardware investments are needed.  This is a significant reduction in upfront and operating costs. No hardware, no expensive equipment, AND no need to build out and operate a costly data center. At Starnik, we handle everything so you don’t have to. Weekly software updates, including security and feature enhancements, are done automatically so you don’t have to worry about wasting time maintaining the system yourself. Leaving you free to focus on the things that matter, like growing your business.

Time Savings

Cloud based utility billing software can be implemented more rapidly than on-site software. Rapid implementation means you are up and running in a fraction of the time, reaping the benefits of the new real-time all-in-one software.

Cloud systems make data available in real time to users on different devices and in different locations. When a customer pays their bill online, the payment is reflected across the platform immediately, benefiting both office employees and those in the field. This helps prevent unnecessary field visits, meter shut offs, late fees and more.

Increased Security

Multiple servers spread across wide geographical distances insure that utility provider’s data will not be lost. In case of disaster in the office space, organizations on a cloud based system rest assured that their data is secure and can continue to be accessed.

Bank level encryption, PCI certification and other security measures taken by cloud systems promise the same if not greater security compared to on-premise hosted solutions. Additionally, permission based access levels work can be easily configured to ensure information is available only to those who have a need to know.

Product Design

Cloud based software can be easily tailored to fit the exact needs of the utility billing organization, compared to the ‘one size fits all’ design of traditional software. A tailored solution keeps workflows lightweight by hiding unnecessary functionality, helping increase workforce efficiency.

New Releases and Updates

With cloud based utility billing software, updates can be applied automatically, without downloads or installations, keeping you on the newest software version. Some cloud systems, including Starnik, allow users to preview or opt out option of program updates if preferred, as to prevent disruptions to their workflow.

Starnik’s all-in-one cloud based utility billing software helps utility companies, cities, property managers and other utility billing entities around the globe operate everyday. To schedule a free, no obligation demo of our software, just click the button below.


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