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Why Utilities are Choosing ‘All in One’ Utility Billing Software Solutions

The utility industry is a complicated business, especially when it comes to software solutions. Utility providers face complex rate structures and detailed reporting requirements for both in-house and regulatory entities. Providers need technology to meet the demands of billing, payments, customer information and automated delinquency management, not to mention work orders and field inspections. Needless to say, it is a complicated business. But – we are seeing a growing trend. Leaders are leaving the costly and cumbersome interfaces of multiple software and hardware technologies. They are coming to lightweight all-in-one solutions that house all information in one system resulting in better interoffice communications, faster results, higher customer satisfaction and an improved bottom line.

The choice to implement an all-in-one solution is pretty simple. It means that all the information needed to run the business is housed in one system. It means there are no delays caused from pushing or pulling information between systems, no waiting for updates, and no delay in report generation. It means improved productivity. Cloud based all-in-one software has an extra benefit. With cloud based software every update made in the system is seen in real-time from the office – to the field – to the customer, everyone is up-to-date instantly. And don’t worry, cloud-based is much more secure than the old rack-mounted servers. How great is that? 

Finding the right solution should not cause costly recurring expenses as “new versions” are released.  These added exorbitant costs often cause utility companies to stay on an old outdated technology for years! Cloud based all-in-one solutions allow technology developers to provide updates at no additional cost – eliminating expensive hits to the bottom line with new version updates.

While the utility industry is complex, finding the right software should not be.  It should be simple. Simple to find the right solution tailored for the utility industry and simple to transition. If you’re considering a technology upgrade, let us show you how Starnik can work for you!


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