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Our #1 goal is to continue delivering the absolute best products and support to our customers

“I’m a new customer to Starnik Systems. In researching what software to go with I evaluated several companies. I was most impressed with Starnik for the extensive capabilities that their software offers, the extensive knowledge from the Sales team and their promises of superior training, support and a smooth startup. In the 40 years of owning several companies, I have heard many promises.  Many promises fell far short of my expectations. However, Starnik came in well above what I expected. Starnik exceeded in every category from Sales to Training to Support, and the smoothest startup that I have ever experienced.   I highly recommend Starnik for your “Utility Management Software Partner”  They TRULY DELIVER WHAT THEY PROMISE!!” – Home Owner Consulting

“We previously outsourced our billing operations to a third-party vendor.  Their service was limited to sending the bills each month and answering customer telephone calls.  That model did not provide the best experience for our customers.  We knew we wanted to bring our billing back in house and we knew we had to find a new solution that would not only improve the customer experience but adapt to the changing expectations of today’s utility customer.  Simply put, our customers wanted to be able to access their account information and pay their bills online.  Starnik’s cloud-based UtilityTrackR software provided exactly what we needed.  Within three months of implementation, approximately 30% of our customers have enrolled in AutoPay or they self-pay their bills through the online customer portal.  That translates to instant savings.  The more customers we have self-serving, the less time we have to spend processing payments and answering customer telephone calls.  I can talk all day about the intuitiveness and features of UtilityTrakR, but what impresses us the most about Starnik is the friendliness, accessibility, and professionalism of the technical support staff.  Whenever I call Starnik technical support they make me feel like their most important customer.  The service they provide is second to none.  Starnik wasn’t necessarily the least expensive option we could have selected for our utility billing software, but we quickly realized they were the best option for our company.” – Kevin S.  Astbury Water Technology, Inc.

“With over 9+ years on Starnik Cloud Solution, we have nothing but praise for Starnik software and their team. Ability to manage billing, delinquency, payments and customer service efficiently for over 40,000 customers with minimal staff members speaks for itself. We bill for electric, water, waste water, gas and other pass through charges. Starnik support team is very knowledgeable and the help is immediate. To say the least, they are awesome!! I assume that you are looking for billing-CIS and energy management solutions. Stop looking and call Starnik! After nearly a decade of experience with Starnik Cloud, I strongly recommend them.”

— Scott R, Multifamily Ancillary Group

“With over 85,000 bills per month, diverse utility billing and complex rates, we needed a technology platform that was powerful and scalable, and the only choice was Starnik. We have been with them for over seven years now. Starnik’s platform is often a source of inspiration – it simplifies our billing and makes usually complicated processes easy. Starnik’s exceptional, customizable cloud solution enables us to satisfy every whim of our customer and helps make us a truly customer centric organization. You always get a live person when you call support and the team is very knowledgeable. As we continue to grow, Starnik provides us with innovative technology that helps expand our services. We have found a partner in innovation through Starnik.”

— A Southern Utility Billing Organization.

“We needed a billing software solution that worked with our specific ordinances and policies for our roughly 8,000 customers billed each month. We believe that the software provided offers several benefits including the following:

The information stored on location and account level is customizable which allows for different reporting options. There are several reports that are extractable to excel. This allows for sorting, filtering, etc. which is a nice feature that we did not have with our legacy software. Reprinting an invoice is very smooth and effective. Also, with the invoice being in PDF format e-mailing bills is now possible. The comparison reports are beneficial in determining customers over billed due to incorrect meter readings and finding customers that have a leak. You can compare the current billing to a previous billing with a percentage variance.

The import process is a useful feature allowing us to import specific information we need in the system from a variety of spreadsheet formats. Instead of modifying the spreadsheet to match a specific template, we can modify the template to match a specific spreadsheet. The “Search Payment” option is a great feature for finding misapplied payments. It allows you to search for a payment amount in a specified date range.

It’s great having Starnik maintain the servers that our data is stored on. It’s less of a headache and cost for our IT staff than maintaining the servers in-house. All we need is an internet connection. Drill downs on the general ledger journals we export is a very nice feature. It helps us easily identify any discrepancies.

Implementation and support staff have been amazing. They go above and beyond to try to make us happy. We feel that Starnik listens to our requests and is committed to change to make things better.”

— Matt McBurnett, City of Rock Springs, WY

“I strongly recommend Starnik if you are considering a utility billing software and is clearly the best choice.

We began working with Starnik Systems almost eight years ago, and are glad that we did. UtilityTrakR gave us the online presence we needed for our Customer Utility Billing and customer management. Their user interfaces, both for our customers, and us, are easy to use, making the entire process simple. Furthermore, whenever we need assistance or have questions, their support staff is as nice as they come, and extremely knowledgeable as well. Starnik Systems is continually evolving, always looking for ways to improve their software, and keep up with the latest trends and needs of their customers. Throughout the almost eight years that we have been a customer, we have noticed no server downtime, as well. This is important, as our customers need to access their site at all hours of the day. Starnik Systems is a great company to team with, and provides us with exactly what we need. Thanks Starnik!”

— JS, Nebraska – Utility Billing Organization

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. And references.

“Generally, when users are searching for a new computer software system they want flexibility, reliability and a relatively smooth and quick implementation. The Starnik UtilityTrakR utility billing system fulfills all of these and more.

In the City of Calexico, California there were many challenges that could have derailed the UtilityTrakR implementation. Were it not for the flexibility in both system design and Starnik’s support staff, things would have turned out far different than they actually did. Starnik support staff converted all data files and performed some unanticipated data cleanup in a matter of days.

Even after the system was in full operation for over a year the City suddenly announced that significant upgrades to banking, meter reading and interfaces with financial and other system functions were going to be necessary. Moreover, these changes were to be made as soon as possible. The flexibility factor once again proved to be no problem for Starnik and all work was accomplished within a couple months including non-system processes.

Starnik’s support staff is very experienced and proud of their performance related to response time, reliability and training. Calexico’s staff will attest that the Starnik staff assistance is always responsive and they are willing to assist without delay whenever needed. Each member of the support staff knows the UtilityTrakR system well and uses any support request as an opportunity to provide training tips.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the Starnik relationship was the implementation time for the UtilityTrakR System. The entire system was operational within a month. That included a conversion from the old (1995) non-windows based system and extensive cleanup and re-entry of antiquated meter reading systems. In addition, bar code scanners, online bill payment and automated work orders were added in that timeframe. The System comes with a broad array of reports that can be modified quickly and easily if necessary.

The UtilityTrakR System provides the client with a robust functionality that is easy to use and not found in many of the more expensive systems.”

— John Quinn, Former Finance Director, City of Calexico

“Starnik is an outstanding company top to bottom that delivers measurable value to RW Utility Billing. The cloud based software is extraordinarily robust and is able to meet all of our utility billing needs. The Starnik staff is professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Starnik is the most complete and impressive company I have ever worked with. The UT software provided the backbone that allowed us to drive value for our clients. I strongly encourage anyone looking for utility billing software to explore Starnik’s suite of cloud based software”

— RW Utility Billing, Tyler R.

“I have over 8 years of experience with billing utilities in the multi-family industry. I have worked with many different types of billing software, and Starnik is by far superior to what is available. Using Starnik’s software UtilityTrakR made is possible for [our company] to immediately start taking in clients when we started the company in 2012. Without using Starnik, I am confident in stating we would still be building a software to service our future clients. UtilityTrakR can do almost anything we need it to and it is cost effective. You will spend way more money building your own vs. using a software that is not buggy and functions nicely.”

“My company has been using this software since 2012 to operate utility billing services for our clients. My experience with this software and the team behind it is nothing but positive. The customer service is impeccable! Anytime you need assistance with ANYTHING, the support team is there to assist. Their response time and urgency to resolve any issue is at the highest quality. One big factor for our business to operate effectively is using a software that functions 100% of the time without interruption. In the years we have been using this software, there is not one single time the software was buggy or was not functioning. This software can do so much more than just utility billing services and has allowed our company to expand our client base in ways we could not imagine.”

— A. Hancock, Zenco Utility

“We just finished our second billing cycle and I am so totally impressed.

What used to take me 3 to 4 days, took me under 2 and I’m heading to the post office with the bills today…2 days before the holiday weekend.

Not only is this system easy to use, the staff are so well versed, the conversion on this product from our old system took one week and we were live and running. The staff assigned to you will walk you through every step and still be there later if you have questions. The report module is very impressive on its own, but the staff helped us write a couple of new reports just today to submit to our Board of Directors. We never had the capability to take payments online, but we just went live with that today too, and had our first credit card payment delivered to our in box. I think I’ve found the ruby slippers. I will toot this horn for a long time as the (uh OH) overwhelming feeling during the billing time is gone. Really am impressed.

We are not big, some have water service, some are unassigned taps and some are assigned taps, but to cut the billing in half was impressive. I keep telling my boss I may have to dig out those old put away projects and start working on them thanks to UtilityTrakR. I might be able to get some other things done. We submitted a copy of the invoice with bullet points today to our customers explaining the finer points of the Invoice and also gave them instruction on how to set up their online account. We had a couple of customers that want e-bills only, they set that up themselves, and at midnight after the bills were locked, the email went out. I cannot tell you much more except this is one dynamite product.”

— Lookout Mountain Water District

“It been a pleasure working together with Starnik for the past 4 years. We had first contacted Starnik looking for a futuristic cutting edge billing software. Starnik has not merely surpassed our anticipations from a software standpoint, but has providing we with every tool needed to grow our company limitlessly in the past three years.

Starnik is much more than a software provider. I would consider them our personal utility billing partner. Starnik’s amazing customer support staff is not only smart, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient in addressing any concern but actually works side by side with us in every new project that we take on. Everyone in the company, from the Balu on down take an active role in ensuring that each of their clients is successful in growing their companies, both large and small.

Anyone looking to run a successful utility billing company and successfully compete with the industry leaders would be remiss by not contracting with Starnik.”

— J. Friend, New Jersey

“We did our due diligence for a customer billing and payments software a few years ago. We chose Starnik (UtilityTrakR) and that decision has proven to be the right one. Calculations are accurate and the flexibility of the system is incredible. Starnik’s support team is very knowledgeable and we are always able to talk to a live support specialist. We don’t worry about upgrades, back-ups and technology as Starnik takes care of all of it. We are thoroughly satisfied. I have no hesitation in recommending Starnik to any utility billing organization.”

— SK, San Antonio

“Starnik has provided our business with a comprehensive and flexible billing platform; a user friendly resident payment portal; knowledgeable, friendly and available customer service support; and a development department which can quickly interpret additional needs and provide customization at very reasonable costs (when applicable).”

“Our daily and monthly work flows have been substantially streamlined. UtilityTrakR is extremely flexible and makes billing our various different charge configurations much easier than our previous billing system. We have many less “work arounds” than we had with our previous billing system.”

“[Starnik’s] customer support is always available, very helpful and knowledgeable about all aspects of the product.”

— RBC Company, Virginia

“We have been using Starnik’s UtilityTrakR for over a year. UtilityTrakR is one of the most customizable solutions in the utility billing market. It has enabled us to grow our business with ease due to its flexible platform. Starnik has thought about every possible way of billing residents and made it easy to implement and use.

Additionally, Starnik’s customer support team provides professionalism and knowledge that far exceeds other companies we have worked with in the past. We highly recommend Starnik’s UtilityTrakR billing platform.”

“Starnik’s support team assisted me in learning my job on every level; from a software standpoint as well as reporting. I started this position with no knowledge of the system. With the assistance of Starnik support I have learned the software and how billing is completed in a few short months. Starnik’s Solution Analysts will walk you through all of your questions, call you back in a timely manner and almost 100% of the time resolves all issues. I will recommend UtilityTrakR 100% to anyone looking to complete in house billing with amazing support and assistance.”

“Great Software!

The software was easy to learn and it’s easy to use. This software can do anything when it comes to utility billing and convergent billing. The invoices are easy to read. There is always someone to help when you call and customer support is always friendly and knowledgeable.”

— Submetered Billing Customer, Pennsylvania

“Starnik provides EBS with the ultimate one-stop-shop for utility billing. I have used many systems in the past and honestly nothing compares to Starnik. The platform (or portals) are user friendly for both parties (business and clients). With a simple click of the mouse, reports and bills are available anytime or anywhere. Starnik systems is designed to be time and cost efficient, allowing you to focus on growing your business. If you are looking for a Utility Billing solution, stop looking!! Starnik is simply the best and look no further!”

— Energetic Billing Services, New York, NY

“[We have] been using Starnik coming up on 3 years and they have enabled us to expedite our water billing process for 26,000 units a month. Starnik has also created custom billing reports for us that help make it easier to keep track of our billing and usage history.

Starnik has great customer service and they have very knowledge technicians that are helpful. The software is very user friendly and if you need help learning the system they are always just a phone call away and willing to help you. Starnik is very professional but calls you by name and gives you that small business feeling. I would definitely recommend Starnik to other utility billing companies!”

— Resident Billing Company, Oklahoma

“I cannot express how much I love this product. My “TEAM”, any time of day, are awesome and clearly know their stuff. Just when I think I’ve “messed” up, they keep me grounded and help me every time. This product put us back in this century, and what used to take >10 days, now is maybe two! And one of those two is probably weather related.

Honestly, the only CON with this company is that they are not in my building, but I have yet to get voicemail, yet to not have a quick response and everyone knows the answer to my questions, no matter how small.

This company is the best. All of YOU.”

— Water Billing Customer, Colorado

“Excellent Software!!

I have been using Starnik Systems as my software provider here at our company for over 4 years. The customer service has been excellent. The software has been a great value to my company and has helped us become a top utility sub meter billing provider in Atlanta Georgia. Customer service has been great and the ability to integrate the software with our customers.

Recommend 10/10″

— J. Frey, Atlanta.

“At first it was a little daunting getting an understanding of the sheer size and capability of the Utility Trakr program, however the software support is delivered in a way that is easy to comprehend by staff who care and want to see the product utilized to achieve the best results possible.”

— Brad M, Director, Perth, Australia.


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