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HI, WE'RE STARNIK Cloud CIS and Billing Solutions

We're focused on creating and delivering the best Cloud CIS and Billing Solutions for the utility industry

Starnik is a software company focusing on bringing the best in technology to the utility industry.   Founded in 2000, Starnik provides cloud based CIS, Billing, Field Service, MDM, Mass Communications Solutions and much more for utility billing and energy management to multiple industries, on three continents.  We are passionate about understanding our customers’ needs and developing simple intuitive products that really work.  We provide a full-service solution tailored to your needs in a very quick and cost effective manner, so that you can focus on your core business.


We saw there was a problem, and spent the last 20 years perfecting the solution

We are passionate about building software that is simple and intuitive.  We looked at the utility industry and could not understand why separate databases and modules were necessary for different functions such as metering, billing, customer care, financial transactions, field services, etc. We came up with a comprehensive single database that incorporated all the information necessary for utilities to function in real time:  meter data, billing data, payment information, customer information, work orders, electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP), etc. This allows relevant information to be presented to all users appropriately. Billing analysts can quickly identify vacant location consumption or no consumption in occupied locations. Field service technicians get information about customer occupancy and meter status.  We also engineered the system for efficiency, to make it capable of handling millions of transactions in real time without degradation of performance or data loss.

In addition, we focused on implementation and developed a modular, customizable process for bringing in legacy data quickly and efficiently. We can bring in historical data from just plain text or .CSV files by mapping them and importing them into our system within minutes, without any necessary programming.  We verify the accuracy of implementation by running parallel billings in our system and have our engineers run unit tests to compare the print files of invoices to print files from legacy systems.

Early in our company’s history we made a decision to offer the latest version of our products to everyone.  So when you come on board with us, you are guaranteed to be on the most advanced version, and it will be a fully tested configuration that is being used by a large user-base, not something that we are beta testing with you.


We’re proud to be recognized as one of the best

  • We have over $3.5 Billion Dollars processed on our system annually
  • We serve customers in all 50 states and multiple continents and countries all around the world
  • We were awarded the “Innovation in Technology” award from the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce in 2007
  • We were selected as the 2011 MHN Technology Choice Award for Utility Management
  • We are a leader and pioneer in cloud technology – our products have been on the cloud since 2003
  • Our platform has had 99.999% up-time in its entire existence
  • We are conscious about network security – all data from our servers to you is encrypted with bank level security
  • Microsoft Partner – Independent Software Vendor Silver Competency


We’re building tomorrow’s technology, today. Listen to what our customers have to say.


If you’re considering Starnik or just want more information, we’re here to help.

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